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Here comes the description of our AVR-NET-IO project

We use an AVR-NET-IO by distributor Pollin to connect an Eugster/ Frismag coffee machine with TOP-tronic controller to our pc. We gave it a new firmware, downloadable at this site. With our minimal changes, the AVR-NET-IO becomes an adapter using a RS232 interface (Comport) on the one and gives you a serial interface after TTL level for the coffee machine on the other side. Further it gives a translation of the single commands into the coffee machine’s language; it is possible to emulate Terminal 2000, Terminal 3000 and a MDB-Interface.

The interface parameters of the serial interface of the pc are:
9600 8 N 1

Very good for an easy configuration is HTerm Please notice, that CR+LF has to be activated.

The possible commands are:

No terminal code (emulate IMPRESSA SCAN): XTY: space (depends on power-on standard)
Emulate TERMINAL 2000 XTY:F700 TER V2.3
Emulate TERMINAL 3000 XTY:T3000
Emulate MDB-Interface PLAIN
Deactivate MDB-Interface mode JURA

You can find the modifications on the pictures.


AVR Patches


AVR power supply


AVR terminal block


AVR plug to coffeemaker

Pinout of the Terminal Block from the AVR-NET-IO:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
nc LED Communication with PC LED Communication with PC LED nc Communikation with coffeemaker LED Communication with coffeemaker LED RxD coffeemaker TxD coffeemaker GND nc

Link to the producer of the AVR-NET-IO Built device ready device.
You can download our firmware here. 

The LED is actually not needed, but it shows you if there is a communication. 

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