Commands for coffeemaker

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[bearbeiten] IMPRESSA X7/ Franke Saphira, Bremer Smart

Function Command
machine on AN:01
machine off AN:02
test display AN:03
key test AN:05
tests via keys on coffeemaker AN:06
test UCHI AN:0C
Date? AN:0D
make product 1 FA:01
make product 2 FA:02
make product 3 FA:03
make product 4 FA:04
make product 5 FA:05
make product 6 FA:06
make product 7 FA:07
make hot water FA:08
make steam FA:09
flushing FA:0B
pump coffee on FN:01
pump coffee off FN:02
coffee heating on FN:03
coffee heating off FN:04
steam heating on FN:05
steam heating off FN:06
grinder left on FN:07
grinder left off FN:08
grinder right on FN:09
grinder right off FN:0A
pump steam on FN:0B
pump steam off FN:0C
init brewgroup FN:0D
brewgroup in grinding position FN:0F
brewgroup? FN:11
brewgroup? FN:12
brewgroup in brewing position FN:13
product 1 grind FN:14
product 1 pump FN:15
product 3 grind FN:16
product 3 pump FN:17
drainage valve on FN:1D
drainage valve off FN:1E
brewgroup? FN:22
emptying of steam valve on FN:24
emptying of steam valve off FN:25
steam valve on FN:26
steam valve off FN:27
cappuuccino valve o FN:28
cappuuccino valve of FN:29
brewgroup put trester of FN:0E
read word in EEPROM (type address) RE:
read line in EEPROM (type address) RT:
type of machine? TY:
write word in EEPROM WE:
read machine type RE:31
set machine type WE:31
read inputs IC:
read RAM RR:



All commands for inkasso-mode on the X7 and newer ones are in normal text-mode and not with the TOP-tronic standard protocol.

Function Command
Inkasso-mode on *EIN
Inkasso-mode off *AUS
acknowledgement *JA
negative acknowledge *NEIN

Pressed key on coffeemaker command
Key 1 *TA1
Key 2 *TA2
Key 3 *TA3
Key 4 *TA4
Key 5 *TA5
Key 6 *TA6
Key 7 *TA7
Key 8 *TA8
Key 9 *TA9
Key 10 *TAX

Other commands for this an other machine typs comes later. 

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