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[bearbeiten]  Protocol and Interface for Jura/ Eugster Coffeemakers 

Here you find information about the service- interface from EUGSTER/ FRISMAG coffeemakers with logic from TOP-tronic.

This information was available at http://protocol-jura.do.am/. The information was transcribed into the wiki manually so there may be errors. The information is also available at http://protocol-jura.at.ua/.

We already experimented with the following types of coffeemakers: AEG CaFamosa 784, Franke Saphira, jura IMPRESSA 201, jura IMPRESSA F9, jura IMPRESSA S90, jura IMPRESSA X7.

In brief I will disclose information about the serial interface (Service Interface) of coffeemakers of the following brands:
- Jura
- Franke
- Bremer
- Bosch
- Siemens
- and several others with logigprints from TOP-tronic
All machines we know are build by EUGSTER/ FRISMAG with logic from TOP-tronic.

The c't Magazine, Germanys top Computer- Magazine uses the information from oure site for a new project. Here is a link.

Up to now the four-, five-, seven- and SUB-D nine-pole interfaces. All interfaces are working with 9600 8 N 1. The four-, five- and seven-pole interfaces are working with TTL level. The nine-pole SUB-D interface basically as well but with optocoupler on terminal-side.
At the moment we are working at an adapter on AVR-NET-IO-base from Pollin. This adapter realizes the communication from PCs' serial port (maybe USB) or via network-interface to the coffeemaker. Modifications at the mashines are not necessary, all we use is the original command set. This set makes the following possible:

- all programming of the mashine via acessing the EEPROM
- read all sensor values via acessing the RAM
- switching on the mashine from stand-by
- initializing the first flushing
- switching off the mashine
- obtaining of single products (not implemented in all mashines)
- switching on and off all pumps, valves, grinders, running brewing units to all positions, heaters, as well as testing display and key-pad, writing texts to the display, MDB-interface mode, erase EEPROM completely (will definitely erase the factory    settings - maybe don't do that), changing welcoming-texts as implemented, changing key-name texts as implemented, read statistics (I will give an example of statistics on an other page).

Furthermore we are working on a C#-based software to communicate directly via TTL level-converter with the mashine.
This is our new Terminal:



This AVR-NET-IO can emulate the Terminal 2000 and Terminal 3000 and later the Terminal 4000 touch. This is our testing-tool. Later we will not need it for our software anymore, but you are able to use it for connecting your coffeemaker with the network. The sourcecode and blueprint is nor ready jet.

To find the commands we use Free Serial Port Monitor.

We are looking support for our project!

Contact us via gisbert (dot) heinsbert (at) mail (dot) ru 

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